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Datest to Increase Capacity, Throughput and Flexibility With Acquisition of a Second SPEA 4060

SPEA Automatic Flying Probe Tester

Datest, a leading provider of advanced, efficient and mission-critical in-circuit testing, test engineering and X-ray inspection and CT scanning solutions, is acquiring a second SPEA 4060 to increase capacity and throughput. The new machine features the Leonardo OS2 Operating System.


As a result, Datest now has the capability to create and debug programs in both the Leonardo OS1 on its existing SPEA 4060, as well as OS2 programs. New offline programming workstations also will add to the company’s test throughput flexibility.


Robert Boguski, President of Datest, stated: “The 4060 S2 is our fourth SPEA flying probe test system. It is equipped with every available software option SPEA offers for this system. Our deep relationship with SPEA goes back 17 years, to our first 4040 system, acquired in 2003. With the new S2 we now have three systems on site at our Fremont facility – two 4060s and one 4040 – running two shifts daily, Monday through Friday, and weekends when needed. In addition to our own work, we also support SPEA in the USA in their sales and marketing efforts as their Western USA Partner and Demonstration Facility. We are proud of our long relationship with SPEA and we hope and expect to strengthen it, and acquire additional cutting-edge systems in the next 17 years.


Datest was the first test services company in the U.S. to fully integrate the SPEA 4060 Flying Probe Tester with the latest GOEPEL boundary scan tools. The combination of electrical test, optical inspection and boundary scan in a single platform provides complete one-stage testing with extremely high test coverage, enhanced precision and repeatability, while lowering the overall cost of test.

Operating as a testing house in the heart of the Silicon Valley requires Datest’s skills and equipment to be in line with the technology evolution,” comments Giovanni Noto, Sales Director at SPEA. “The need for competencies moves together with the need for innovative equipment able to test the latest technologies, where complexity and integrations are continuously growing. Datest’s request was clear: to have a flying probe test system with unique probing capability and superior test coverage, to obtain zero failure escape. In the Internet era, the challenges for service company brands are tremendous: There is no room to compromise on quality and data security. The innovative SPEA flying probe systems represent a terrific aid to secure product quality and reliability. From engineering validation to NPI or production test, the new SPEA 4060 S2, especially, is the system of choice for many products and demanding projects.

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