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August 10, 2022

New Boundary Scan options from JTAG Technologies for SPEA testers

JTAG Technologies - News about collaboration - SPEA

Increase Your Test Coverage


SPEA and JTAG Technologies announce their technology collaboration to dramatically improve the integration of boundary scan options within flying probe and bed-of-nails testing equipment.

The combination of in-circuit test with boundary scan technology can be the best solution to answer the quality requirements of many highly integrated digital designs: Many of the modern PCB assemblies contain one or more devices with a JTAG interface. Typically this makes it possible to drive and sense nets on the PCB assembly to which the I/O pins of those devices with JTAG are connected, without the necessity to have physical access on those nets and pins. Adding boundary scan capabilities to in-circuit testing will increase fault coverage of interconnections, logic parts and in-signal passives. It will also frequently reduce fixture costs for bed-of-nails systems, due to test point number reduction.

New JTAG Technologies boundary scan controllers are now available for the SPEA families of flying probe and bed-of-nails ICT testers.

Based on the highly successful JT37x7 architecture from JTAG Technologies, a new version of the QuadPod (JT2147/SAM/FXT-3030) has been developed which perfectly fits in the system rack of a 3030.

For the integration in the 40×0 flying probe testers, a complete new controller (JT3703/USB) has been developed. Its compact dimensions allow it to be fitted on one of the flying axes, and connected to a Multi Probe Unit.

The integration is not limited to the addition of the JTAG Technologies controller to the tester configuration: Test application development and test execution are fully optimized in order to avoid redundant tests, and can be completely carried out via SPEA Leonardo operating system software.



  • Increased test coverage
  • Reduced test time on Flying Probers with optimized BSC+FPT Test program
  • Reduced board handling
  • Test operators already familiar with SPEA Leonardo GUI
  • SPEA Digital channels used in combination with Boundary scan Drive and Sense
  • Pure Boundary scan applications can already be validated and used before fixture is available
  • Target boards can be tested with fewer test pads


Would you like to learn more about Boundary Scan options on SPEA Testers? Please, don’t hesitate to contact us >

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