Volpiano (Italy)

July 25, 2022

SPEA among the 200 best performing Italian businesses, for the fifth consecutive year

SPEA Impresa Champion 2022 - Italypost - SPEA

SPEA is one of the 1,000 Champion 22 Companies, based on the research carried out by the ItalyPost Research Center, in collaboration with Corriere della Sera. It also ranks in the ‘Magnificent 200’, the best companies with a turnover of between 120 and 500 million euro.

The ranking acknowledges companies whose results in terms of turnover and performance reflect a healthy business management model that looks beyond pure profit: companies with no debts, that can stand on their own two feet, continuously reinvest their profits in the same business activities, and never stand still, even in times of crisis, to ensure a future of growth for themselves and the context in which they operate.

In other words, the leading companies that fly the Made in Italy flag high around the world, and know what to do, even when the going gets tough – juggling, in recent years, between a pandemic and a supply chain crisis due to a shortage of raw materials and components.


People, our value

We are proud to be seen as an example and a model of a corporate culture that creates value, not only for itself but for its people and the entire system. Because behind the financial results – behind the numbers and acronyms such as negative NFP or high EBITDA – are the people, who put their expertise at the service of what we do every day, with the same passion and creativity for which we have always been known.

In short, excellence does not happen by chance, and if it is true that we have always been able to grow and tackle even the worst moments of global crisis, this is thanks to our dedication to creating a long-term competitive edge. Even making choices against the tide, such as investing in hiring young talents in hard times (such as in 2008-2009), devoting ourselves to training them and to research and development activities, and being ready to start again with renewed dynamism as soon as the crisis passes and demand is on the up again.


Cultivating the future

Reinvesting profits to shape the future of the company: this is SPEA’s recipe for growth. And this is what the company is doing right now, committing to an industrial plan that envisages the opening of a brand new 20,000-square-meter production unit and a second 8,000-square-meter R&D center alongside the current 20,000-square-meter headquarters. Above all, in order to nurture this growth in manufacturing and technology, new people, more than 300 university graduates and specialized technicians, will also be needed.

To ensure that the future is not only prosperous, but also more sustainable for everyone, the company is also stepping up its commitment to the environment. Today, 100% of the energy used in the company already comes from renewable sources, and the new facilities will also include a 1-megawatt photovoltaic system. This complements SPEA’s program to reduce the environmental footprint of its business to zero, and to meet the targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


A partner of excellence

Being counted and recognized as one of the top companies in Italy is not only a source of pride. We are happy to be an excellent partner for our customers, not only in terms of the technology we offer, but also from the perspective of financial solidity and long-term reliability. We have always stood out from other competitors in the market thanks to our ability to not only offer high-performance, cutting-edge products, but also to create long-term technological partnerships with electronics companies.


The research criteria

Champions is a project that analyzes the top Italian companies, selected based on criteria such as growth rate, profitability, equity, financial strength, and creditworthiness. But that’s not all: the research also evaluates ethical and reputational criteria, and excludes publicly owned companies and those controlled by foreign entities or investment funds.

The selection criteria refer to the last 6 deposited balance sheets, and include:

  • Turnover
  • Compounded average growth rate (CAGR)
  • Annual average gross industrial profits (EBITDA)
  • Rating by the agency Modefinance

More information is available on the Italypost website.

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