Volpiano (Italy)

November 18, 2021

SPEA: an opportunity for the youngest

SPEA scuola elementare bambini

For the first time, we welcomed a few students of the fifth grade drawn by the Primary School “Guglielmo da Volpiano”. It has been an experiment: together with the School Direction, we are considering the opportunity of extending the initiative to all the fifth grade students from 2022.

We like to disclose to the youngest a world that, otherwise, they wouldn’t know, in which we imagine they would be the protagonist of tomorrow.

It has been amazing to perceive the enthusiasm of the children facing technology, their astonishment while discovering that every instant of the day is accompanied by electronics, whose proper operation is assured by SPEA machines.

Hi-tech companies like SPEA are constantly looking for young people to employ in several cutting-edge disciplines and, thanks to these initiatives, even the little ones have the opportunity to know a company that, tomorrow, could offer them a job and the chance to build the future.

SPEA scuola elementare bambini
SPEA scuola elementare bambini
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