Volpiano (Italy)

May 31, 2021

SPEA: Champion Company again in 2021

Hard on the heels of being named among the national economic leaders in 2019 and 2020, SPEA has been fully confirmed in the 2021 list of Champion Companies as one of the best-performing Italian companies on the market, that are debt-free and reinvest profits always looking to tomorrow. The Champion Companies are prime supporters of Italian manufacturing even in the current health emergency, strong of their ability to focus on growth. The analysis, drawn up by Centro Studi ItalyPost and published in the economics supplement of Corriere della Sera, identified the best 200 Italian companies with a turnover of between 120 and 500 million Euro, including SPEA. The objective is to advertise the strengths and assets of the Italian industrial production sector and build an enterprise culture for taking on the next global challenges in the best way.

Centro Studi ItalyPost and Corriere della Sera confirmed SPEA among the Top Performers, as a company with results above the Italian average for the last six years. Being identified as a company that is doing well even in particularly tough times like these, is a pride and a privilege. The Champion Companies, including SPEA, have managed the crisis efficiently, continuously achieving the goal of creating value for shareholders and stakeholders alike.

Confirming the result, President & CEO Luciano Bonaria was invited as a guest to the “Meet the Champions 2021” Webinar organized by ItalyPost. The president explained that the day-to-day success of SPEA is due to the ingenuity required by the circumstances of today’s world. Electronics are an integral part of everyday activities and essential for ensuring continuous and efficient operation. This is where SPEA comes in. Since 1976, the company has been inventing, designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing machines for testing electronic devices. In other words, the company’s activities are crucial for operations in all fields. The condition of continuous demand and growth in the sector has allowed SPEA to expand constantly in terms of both demand and supply, even in these particularly difficult and problematic times for the Italian and world economies.

Investments and confidence in Italian manufacturing and the new generations are among the distinguishing features and cornerstones of SPEA. The company is committed to keeping the entire design and production in Italy, while always taking the important factor of internationalization into account. Preserving and enhancing Italian manufacturing excellence is as fundamental as using international distribution channels, including distributors and branches, to implement the customer network.
Being workforce-centered is the key to the success of SPEA and its added value, as President Bonaria explained. The people, and more specifically the new generations, are the company’s great virtue. A primary need and prerogative of Industry 4.0 to be innovative, cutting-edge and responsive to progress. In other words, there is a continuous need to update, actualize and bolster the strength of research and development, which is central for SPEA.

SPEA is grateful and proud to having been named among the top 200 Italian companies with a turnover of between 120 and 500 million Euro. SPEA will continue operating with commitment and dedication, striving to maintain and secure important recognitions like these in the future.

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