Volpiano (Italy)

July 01, 2021

SPEA is proud to present the T300 Board Tester

SPEA T300 Automatic In-Circuit Tester - SPEA

The T300 is an Automatic Ultra-High Parallelism In-Circuit Test System with unmatched testing capabilities conceived to boost 10x times board production throughput. It features a multi-tester architecture that allows parallel testing and flashing of up to 32 PCBAs (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies).

The T300 embeds 8x fully independent and configurable testers that support up to 32x parallel In-Circuit Test cores with an additional capability of 256x cores for Flashing and Functional Test.

A broad of testing techniques ensure maximum test coverage. The T300 can perform ICT, Digital Test, Functional Test, Flashing, Power Test, etc. Furthermore, it includes SPEA’s unique ICT-Plus test technique, which can detect any defect in electronics that traditional ICT test equipment cannot.

The test area of the system can be configured as a Single Test Site or a Dual Test Site to maximize the system throughput and test two products at the same time. In Dual Test Site configuration, the T300 can simultaneously execute the Same Test in both test sites or Split Tests, such as ICT in site #1 and Flashing in position #2; or ICT in site #1 and Functional Test in site #2.

Conceived for operatorless testing, the T300 provides fully automatic board handling. It can operate in several production setups, including In-line productions and automated Test Cells with Rack Loading Modules and PASS/FAIL Selection. The T300 Board Tester is compliant with the Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) standards and can exchange information, notifications, and commands with the digital ecosystem.

The T300 ensures long-lasting and intensive use in production as well as smooth and quick maintenance. The internal sensors constantly monitor the equipment status, components, and environment to support predictive maintenance services, intercept malfunctions, and minimize operator interventions.

The T300 features SPEA Automatic Test Operating System (ATOS), Leonardo 4 ICT, which provides self-programming capabilities for fast and easy test program development. Furthermore, all the test programs developed over the years are compatible with future ATOS releases and immune from updates and new versions of Windows®.


Learn more about the SPEA T300 and book now your free DEMO >

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