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SPEA’s Latest Technologies on Show at IPC APEX EXPO 2020

Volpiano, Italy, January 30, 2020 – SPEA will join IPC APEX EXPO 2020, from February 4 to 6 in San Diego, California, to present its ATE product range for electronic board testing and the latest innovation in the test technology. Located at booth #643 in the San Diego Convention Center, SPEA’s test experts will disclose more about the new methods to improve the ICT First Pass Yield, while reducing both the cost of test and the overall cost of ownership.

A Global Leader in the High-Tech Field

SPEA testers are perfectly in theme with the motto of the trade show’s 2020 edition, “Elevate the excellence of electronics”, as they are conceived to help both OEM and EMS to increase their product quality. And to be readily integrated in the smart factories of the future, as SPEA test equipment is compliant with Industry 4.0 standards, from industrial automation to intelligent networking, ensuring full data integrity and security. It’s no coincidence that the major EMS providers in the world rely on SPEA’s technologies and expertise to achieve zero defect escape, the highest throughput and the lowest cost of test: more than 10,000 SPEA systems have been adopted by global electronics manufacturers, for test applications ranging from automotive, aerospace and military to energy, medical and consumer electronics.

“SPEA is investing more and more in R&D to go further ahead and fully integrate the technological advantages coming from digitalization and automation”, explains Mr. Giovanni Noto, Sales Director. As a leading supplier of cutting-edge automatic test equipment, able to early identify defects in the manufacturing process in order to prevent product faults and avoid field returns, SPEA plays a crucial role in the global electronics industry. From semiconductor wafer test to packaged microchips and MEMS sensors test, from in-circuit and flying probe test on assembled PCBs to final functional test, SPEA is the only ATE manufacturer whose product portfolio embraces all phases of testing. Since 1976, a tradition of innovation.

The State of the Art in Flying Probe Testing

SPEA Flying Probe Series is designed to cover the widest range of test requirements for electronic boards, offering the fastest and most accurate single-side or dual-side probing, automatic board loading, wide configurability and quick set-up changes. Extreme mechanical precision enables the flying probes to directly contact the smallest pads and secure the complete testability of boards with 008004 components; the systems’ performance is then supported by on-axis, high-resolution, ultra-precise measurement electronics, which reduce the signal acquisition time to a few microseconds.

4080, the top-in-class system, is an 8-axis tester which provides the highest throughput and probing accuracy. Its mechanical speed – up to 180 touches/sec – makes it able to replace bed-of-nails systems for production test, especially when accessibility is not complete. Up to 28 simultaneous flying test tools can be installed on the system’s 8 axes, within a range of more than 50 possible ones: from LED test probes to high-frequency RF probes, a wide variety is available to further expand 4080’s test capabilities. 4080’s natural granite chassis, combined with advanced linear motion technologies, offers low vibration and high thermal stability, ensuring an unprecedented probing precision even at ultra-fast test speed.

The newest system model, 4080X, has been specifically designed to meet the testing requirements of power electronics manufacturers. It is able to test PCBs with components up to 150 millimeters tall and to reach even the test points that are inaccessible for standard bed-of-nails systems.

4050 S2, a favorite choice by many electronics producers, is a 4-axis system designed for medium to high-volume production test. It delivers high throughput, high accuracy and a bottom moving platform to extend the probing capabilities. While the top-side flying probes can be used for in-circuit test, power-on test, sink/source analog, digital D/S, flashing, boundary scan, prescaler and other test types, the bottom lifted platform can be equipped with test tools such as bed-of-nails fixtures, multiple high-current power supplies, digital I/O, high-speed signals, fixed probes, planarity supports.

3030 Board Testers: Where the Widest Test Coverage Meets the Highest Throughput

SPEA’s scalable bed-of-nails test platform delivers the highest throughput and superior test coverage of component failures, process defects, components key parameters, for the widest range of electronic products. 3030 systems do more than just detect board failures: they are able to monitor key parameters of critical components applying real working conditions (e.g. power components, sensing components, actuators). This results in the capability to eliminate the occurrence of failures at the final functional test, while drastically reducing the field returns.

Compared to conventional test equipment, 3030 platform’s parallel test with up to four cores multiplies the throughput, dramatically lowering the cost of test. An innovative multi-process platform manages the concurrent execution of multiple test techniques and optimizes the test program, which combines in-circuit test (powered and unpowered), optical inspection, boundary scan, functional test, and more. All of these functions are complemented by a friendly, yet powerful software environment. 3030 Inline model comes equipped with ultra-fast conveyor modules for automatic board handling, to meet the requirements of fully automated productions.


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