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SPEA Flying Probe Series is designed to cover the widest range of test requirements for electronic boards. High mechanical speed, single or dual-sided probing, extreme accuracy, automatic board loading, overall configurability and fast set-up changes: SPEA flying probe performances and flexibility give you all you need to adaptably answer your production needs.

Extreme mechanical accuracy enables the flying probes to directly contact the smallest pins of micro-SMD packages. Mechanical performance is then supported by on-axis, high-resolution measurement electronics which allows ultra-precise measurements, while reducing measurement acquisition time to a few microseconds.

An innovative multi-process platform manages the concurrent execution of multiple test techniques, optimizing the test program, that combines in-circuit test (powered-up or not), short circuit test, optical inspection, boundary scan test, functional test, and more. All of these functions are complemented by a friendly yet powerful software environment.

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40804060 S24050 S24020 S2
ApplicationMedium to Mass ProductionLow to Medium Production
Low to Medium ProductionNPI Prototype
ThroughputTop throughputVery high throughputHigh ThroughputMedium Throughput
ChassisNatural graniteStructural steelStructural steelStructural steel
UUT probingDual SideDual + Single Side combinedSingle SideSingle Side
Multi-Probe Flying Heads8 (4 top + 4 bottom)6 (4 top + 2 bottom)4 top4 top
Footprint (L x W)1700 x 1300mm (2.2m2) standard
1700 x 1438mm (2.4m2) on 4080X model
1750 x 1272mm (2.2m2)1360 x 1220mm (1.7m2)1360 x 1220mm (1.7m2)
Max. Board Size (L x W)1000 x 460mm (39.4 x 18.1”)*Manual: 686 x 610mm (27 x 24’’)
In-Line: 1000 x 610mm (39.4 x 24’’)*
Manual: 500 x 400mm (19.7 x 15.7’’)
In-Line: 1000 x 400mm (39.4 x 15.7”)*
Manual: 500 x 400mm (19.7 x 15.7’’)
In-Line: 1000 x 400mm (39.4 x 15.7”)*
* For larger boards, please contact SPEA.
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