4 Cores

5000+ Tests/Sec

Fast Board Loading

Parallel test

3030 ICT Testers


Key Features

  • True Parallel Test: 4x throughput
  • Ultra-fast test speed: lowest cost of test
  • Ultra-fast handling
  • Automated application development
  • 100% Fault Coverage
  • Cost-effective Per Pin architecture
  • Precise contacting with motorized receiver
  • Fully upgradeable & customizable
  • 1000+ 3030 systems installed worldwide
  • Easy diagnostic of fixture’s pogo pins via mobile app

Multifunction testers:
100% coverage with 1 equipment


SPEA 3030 board testers have been designed and manufactured to guarantee the perfect working of PCBs over years, eliminating field returns. How do we do that? Testing 100% of electronic, mechanic and electromechanic components on the board.

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