4 Cores

5000+ Tests/Sec

Fast Board Loading

Parallel test

3030 ICT Testers  


Key Features
  • True Parallel Test: 4x throughput
  • Ultra-fast test speed: lowest cost of test
  • Ultra-fast handling
  • Automated application development
  • 100% Fault Coverage
  • Cost-effective Per Pin architecture
  • Precise contacting with motorized receiver
  • Fully upgradeable & customizable
  • 1000+ 3030 systems installed worldwide

True Parallel Test

3030 board testers can be equipped with up to 4 independent Cores – each one with independent CPU, local memory and instrumentation – able to test in parallel up to 4 boards.
Compared to standard ICT testers, SPEA 3030 productivity is up to 400% higher, thus minimizing the cost of board testing.
Moreover, with Dual-Stage option, 3030 systems deliver different test techniques concurrently (e.g.: In-Circuit + Functional, In-Circuit + On-Board Programming etc…), optimizing the tests among the two stages and further reducing the time and costs.

Ultra-fast test speed

Compared to standard ATE, 3030 test speed is significantly higher. Dedicated CPU on each Core guarantees no delay between instrumentation and PC. High-performance relays provide fast switching time. Instruments architecture minimizes instruments setup time during test. Possibility to execute different measurements simultaneously, with a single test Core, further reduces the test time.

Per-Pin Architecture

Each 3030 channel is configurable by test program. Every nail can be used to perform any kind of test. This instrument/receiver 1:1 ratio guarantees several benefits: faster test generation, easy ECO management, full flexibility.

Fixture & Test Program migration

SPEA Common Architecture allows test programs to work with all SPEA board tester systems. This guarantees a quick move of your production from one system to another, depending on the production needs. But also means compatible spare parts, reduced support cost, common software environment. Moreover, to minimize application costs and optimize system utilization, 3030 In-Line fixture is fully compatible with 3030 manual systems and vice-versa.

Forget field returns

3030 has been designed to help electronics manufacturers increase their product quality. By executing a complete range of test techniques with its high-performance instrumentation and stimuli, 3030 can reliably find faults undetectable by standard ICT tester.

Fully upgradable & customizable

3030 can be factory equipped or upgraded on field with all kind of instrumentation useful to satisfy the test requirements. It is possible to integrate power instrumentation (as AC/DC generators, Active Loads, Power Matrix etc.) as well as third party instruments to increase test capabilities and productivity.

PC-independent Architecture

With SPEA 3030 PC-independent Architecture the test program is resident in the tester CPU and the test speed is determined by the system CPU. Antivirus and other applications running on the PC do not affect the test speed. Moreover you can change/update the PC at any moment, without having to re-debug the test program.

Programming is easy, fast and automatic with Leonardo Operating System


  • Automatic test program generation in minutes
  • Automatic debug & tuning
  • Minimized application development costs: automatic generation of the file for fixture drilling and wiring
  • Automatic CAD data recognition & import
  • Automatic test report generation
  • User-friendly intuitive graphical interface
  • Real time production monitoring and analysis

Test Capabilities

In-Circuit Test

Open Pin Scan

Power On Test

Functional Test


Led Light Test

Boundary Scan


Optical Test

Multifunction testers:
100% coverage with 1 equipment


SPEA 3030 board testers have been designed and manufactured to guarantee the perfect working of PCBs over years, eliminating field returns. How do we do that? Testing 100% of electronic, mechanic and electromechanic components on the board.

5 models, common architecture

Same fixture. Same test program. Same instrumentation. Same test result

3030 Bench Top3030 Rack3030 Compact3030 Multimode3030 Inline
TypeBench Top 19” modular testerZero Footprint multifunction testerSmall footprint multifunction testerHigh scalability multifunction testerLowest cost of test inline tester
ThroughputMediumHighHighVery HighUltra High

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