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Ideal for High-Volume production testing ... & more

4080 sets new benchmarks for flying probe board testing, delivering unparalleled throughput and test capabilities.


Key Features

  • Up to 180 touches/sec
  • Min. Pad size: 50 μm
  • 8 Multi-Tool Flying Heads
  • Dual side probing
  • Full test coverage
  • Granite chassis
  • Compact footprint: 2.2 m2 (23.14 ft2)
  • App-based software
  • Manual + Conveyor loading on same system


Up to 180 touches/sec

Full linear motion with linear optical encoders on XYZ axis provide very high acceleration and speed, along with positional repeatability and accuracy over unlimited travel.

Min. Pad size: 50 μm

The highest positioning accuracy is guaranteed by sub-micron resolution Linear Optical Encoders on each XYZ axis, making 4080 suitable to touch 50μm pads at high speed and without leaving marks on them, like no other flying probe system can do.

Despite the speed, 4080 probes will touch the board softly. Programmable probing force makes the probes able to contact components at near-zero energy: even the most delicate electronics (ultra-fine pitch pads, sticky boards, flex circuits) can be tested with no risk of damage.

Full test coverage

Full test coverage is provided by a complete range of test capabilities integrated in the 4080, and by the highest available measurement accuracy offered by “Flying Tester Technology”: a complete forcing/measurement board integrated on each axis.

Natural granite chassis

The natural granite chassis, combined with state-of-art linear motion technologies, offers low vibration and thermal stability, ensuring unprecedented probing precision at ultra-fast test speed.

Compared to conventional iron or steel, natural granite offers best damping characteristics and thermal stability, so to minimize vibrations and deformation effect that would affect accuracy and reliability through time.

Compact footprint: 2.2 m2 (23.14 ft2)

4080 footprint is very compact: as little as 2.2m2, including in-line board transportation.

Suitable to replace bed-of-nails systems

With a throughput that is three times (or even more!) higher than the fastest single-side flying prober on the market, the 4080 moves the ROI time of high volume productions to a level that is very close to the one of a traditional bed-of-nails tester.

Best Measurement Accuracy

  • Highest measurement performance & accuracy (0.1pF)
  • Signal integrity
  • No measurement degradation or interference
  • Immediate signal acquisition (within hundreds of microseconds)

Up to 28 Top&Bottom Flying Tools


The 8 axes of the 4080 (4 top + 4 bottom) allow you to install up to 28 simultaneous flying test tools, within a range of more than 50 possible ones: in addition to the electrical probes, used to perform all the electrical tests, a variety of test tools are available to expand 4080’s test capabilities.

Leonardo 4. A world of Apps.


4080 users take the advantage of working with a friendly, appbased software environment, similar to what smartphones made us used to. Every app is dedicated to a defined function, while its update is independent and does not affect overall software integrity. Leonardo 4 operating system incorporates all the functionalities and effectiveness of previous Leonardo versions, bringing them a step ahead. In the world of apps you want to use.

Test Capabilities

In-Circuit Test

100% Short Circuit Test

Nodal Impedance Test

Open Pin Scan

Power On Test

Functional Test

Optical Test

Led Light Test

3D Laser Test


Boundary Scan

Thermal Test

Waveform Capture

5G RF Test

Wafer Test


Technical Data

ApplicationMedium to Mass Production
ThroughputTop throughput
ChassisNatural granite
UUT probingDual Side
Multi-Probe Flying Heads8 (4 top + 4 bottom)
Max. Board Size (L x W)1000 x 460mm (39.4 x 18.1”)*
Footprint (L x W)1700 x 1300mm (2.2m2)
* For larger boards, please contact SPEA.
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