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MEMS Stimulus for SPEA Pick & Place Test Handlers

SPEA handlers are complemented by the widest range of stimulus units, so to combine in a single equipment all the elements of handling, contacting, and complete testing of MEMS and other devices. SPEA stimulus units can include physical MEMS stimulus, contacting unit, and the required test resources.

Everything is designed and manufactured directly by SPEA for the integrated working, providing best technical performance, cost optimization, one-shot factory integration. The cost of test is greatly reduced by the high throughput, lower investment, short application development time and rapid accommodation of different applications.

Inertial Sensors
(low g / high g)

Inertial Sensors (low g / high g)
rate tables and shakers

  • low-g gyroscope test: constant velocity (trapezoidal profile with programmable velocity), sinusoidal and combined sinusoidal profiles with programmable amplitude and frequency
  • low-g accelerometer test: positioning mode
  • high g sensors test: up to 40g at 100Hz frequency
  • 1,500-wire direct connection for multi-site testing

Barometric / TPMS pressure sensors

Barometric / TPMS pressure sensors
pressure chambers

  • operating ranges: 0.03 to 0.13 MPa (0.3 to 1.3 barA) or 0.03 to 1.3 Mpa (0.3 to 13 barA)
  • best pressure stability: leakage @1.2 MPa (12 bar) <0.1 mbar/s (10 Pa/s)
  • up to 3 test stimuli with independent chambers, generators, indicators and contacting units

Environmental Sensors

Environmental Sensors
universal chambers

  • combined humidity + pressure + temperature + gas stimulus
  • relative humidity range: 30% to 70%
  • up to 3 test stimuli with independent chambers, generators, indicators and contacting units

Magnetic Sensors

Magnetic Sensors
3-axis magnetic field generator

  • magnetic test unit for geomagnetic sensors
  • in-socket magnetic stimulus + inertial + pressure for 6-DoF/9-DoF sensors
  • ± 100μT magnetic field range, with 0,025μT accuracy

Acoustic MEMS

Acoustic MEMS
acoustic chambers with microphones and speakers

  • stimulus for MEMS microphones and speakers
  • max sound pressure level @80Hz-4kHz: 130 dBSPL
  • max THD @94-130dBSPL (1kHz frequency): 0.1%

Proximity Sensors

Proximity Sensors
optical cameras

  • device capability to recognize presence, color and distance of a defined target is verified
  • test is performed at different distances, with white-light or IR illuminators, on parallel stations

UV Sensors

UV Sensors
solar simulators

  • high-accuracy UV sensor test, based on AAA-class solar simulator
  • revolver unit to mask loading/unloading time
  • embedded tester with direct socket board connection

Other Devices

Other Devices
test jig receiver

  • contacting unit accomodation
  • tester connection
  • controller for presser mechanism
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