Key features


  • Over 33,000 UPH
  • 50X parallel handling, 200x parallel test
  • 100% re-configurable Input/Output
  • Multiple, re-configurable Test Units
  • Nitrogenless Tri-Temp test

Very high parallelism

  • 1-50 site parallel handling, contacting, testing
  • up to 200x parallel contacting and testing

High-speed, soft-impact handling

  • 2 motorized heads with pickups and vision unit
  • frictionless motion with linear motors
  • controlled axis motion profile curve to stop at zero-g acceleration for soft device releasing

Lowest jam rate

  • automatic compensation of tray defects (shape, planarity, improper dimensions)
  • device auto-alignment and presence verification in contacting unit

100% input configurable

  • input tray – loader/unloader
  • input bulk – bowl feeder unit
  • input wafer/strip – wafer/strip frame loader
  • output bulk – box
  • output tape and reel – reel sort unit

Nitrogenless tri-temp

  • temperature range: -40 ÷ +180 ºC
  • temperature accuracy: ± 2 ºC
  • no defrost needed for intervention on the contactors
  • 24 hours/day working without intervention
  • programmable at ambient temperature
  • precise tracking of thermal performance parameters
  • temperature monitoring per site

Full system integration

  • precise and reliable single-frame presser contacting
  • conversion kit for standard and custom packages, down to 1x1x0.5mm size
  • fast package changeover (<5 minutes)

Easy maintenance & calibration

  • Complete system auto-calibration in 7 minutes by cameras (top and bottom) and laser
  • Calibration-free head: pickups do not need single calibration
  • Fast contactor removal
  • Easy system accessibility

Intuitive & user-friendly Software


  • Easy-to-use programming environment
  • Multi-site transparent management
  • Automatic code generation
  • DUT-Oriented instructions
  • Off-line + on-line visual debugging
  • Production control panels and equipment monitoring tools

A world of test units. Multi-stage, Combo, Reconfigurable.


  • inertial sensors
  • environmental sensors
  • barometric & TPMS pressure sensors
  • light sensors
  • magnetic sensors
  • high g sensors
  • microphones
  • speakers
  • 6&9 DoF sensors
  • proximity sensors

Ultra high OCR/2D reading accuracy


The Vision Unit performs 2D code reading and OCR verifies the presence of the devices inside the input/output media, the devices orientation on x-y axis and the device’s flip.

Fast package changeover

Change the package in less than 5 minutes
and re-start testing.


Inertial Sensors

Environmental Sensors

Barometric & TPMS Pressure Sensors

High G Sensors

Proximity Sensors

Acoustic MEMS (speakers / microphones)

Light Sensors

Magnetic Sensors

6&9 DoF sensors

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