The pursuit of Quality in all aspects of production, from initial studies to implementation and product delivery, is one of the strengths of SPEA’s Quality System, which is UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

The Company guarantees the constant compliance with high quality standards, through a solid project management, the accurate selection and control of suppliers and production processes, the execution of tests and controls, in order to reach, with a defined and accessible quality, the highest customer satisfaction levels.

SPEA Quality Policy
1. Maximum customer satisfaction

We will act constantly in order to assure the maximum customers’ satisfaction, by supplying products and services able to fulfill their needs, in accordance with the specified requirements.


2. Products and services compatibility

We will supply products and services in compliance with the applicable official instructions and standards and with all other regulations that we, SPEA, or our representations in institutional venues will subscribe.


3. Reliability and competitiveness

We will commit ourselves completely in order to supply our customer with reliable and quality products and services at competitive prices due to the cost analysis and reduction. The expression “reliable and quality” means that we shall adopt the best technologies available to conceive, design, and manufacture our products. We shall also adopt these technologies to think up, organize, and supply our products and services: from our systems’ installation and startup, to the calibration and adjustment at customer’s factory premises.


4. Products and services continual improvement

We will monitor and analyze data resulting from the application of the Quality Management System both on the product and on the offered customer services for their continual improvement.


5. Processes continual improvement

We will employ the Quality Management System as an instrument to attain the objectives and promote the continual improvement of primary and support corporate processes.


6. Information and training

We will involve all personnel through constant training and information activities concerning learning and organizational and management techniques in order to pursue the processes improving.


7. Care of customer, staff and supplier expectations

We will provide to define specific trends for managerial and operating aspects of those support processes (such as Measurement Laboratory) that can give confidence and continuity for SPEA future as regards the expectations of our customers, staff and suppliers.


8. Professional development of our staff

We will encourage and support the professional development of our staff by promoting the initiatives for products and services improvement and for job satisfaction of SPEA staff.


9. Cooperation with suppliers

We will work and cooperate with our suppliers to be always ready to answer to our customers’ requirements, and as far as possible to anticipate them, in order to assure high-technology, safe and reliable products and services.



This Policy is checked periodically in order to verify the coherence of its contents with SPEA operating reality.

Continuous Improvement


From research to product development, from manufacturing to marketing, until the final sale. Every company activity is part of the continuous improvement of SPEA’s product quality and process efficiency.

Quality Assurance Team


Our QA Team is integrated in the company work teams at every level. The monitoring of process steps and products, the analysis of indicators and the implementation of required corrective actions are the tools with which the SPEA QA Team works to anticipate customer demands and deal efficiently with every possible need.

Total Quality Management


SPEA’s Quality System involves every stakeholder: top management, employees, supply chain, and end customers. The analysis of the processes at every level leads SPEA to reach the highest quality standards and the latest market requirements.

Quality Management System Certificate

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