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SPEA has been active for several years in youth development projects aimed at supporting physical activity among younger generations.

Since its inception, the L84 Futsal School has focused to impact the lives of children, teens and families by promoting awareness that an active life is an essential element. L84 sponsors several teams that compete in different futsal leagues, up to the first division of the Italian Futsal League.

In addition, Motorcycle Trial combines sport and technology to support multiple initiatives. The “Trial” specialty, as its name implies, consist in overcoming obstacles, whether they are natural or artificial.


Testing the world of disruptive technologies


The school for champions. For children aged 4-12 years.


L84 is a sports association that promotes and practices Futsal Game for children aged 4 to 10 years.

The goal of the L84 Futsal School is to increase the level of physical activity among younger generations, giving them the ability to develop motor skills, acquire correct behaviour, open and ethical social attitudes and promote the importance of being together.

For more information www.l84futsalschool.it


Futsal Sport Team


Futsal is an athletic, tactical and strategic sport: it stimulates brain and teamwork, and rewards speed and technique.

L84 is a sports association that promotes and practices the game of Futsal. L84 is one of the flagship clubs of Piedmont and today consists of 5 teams:

– The First Team, which plays in the National Championship
– The Under 21 team, which plays in the National Championship
– The “Juniores”, the “Allievi”, and the “Giovanissimi”, who complete in the higher-level regional championship

For more information www.l84.it

SPEA Trial Club

Spreading Motorcycle Trial. Building the Champion of the future.


With this intent Luciano Bonaria, SPEA President, and some of the best-known and prominent protagonists in the world of Trial – one for all, the world champion Toni Bou – gave birth to the SPEA Trial Club.

SPEA Trial Club’s goal is to select and train young riders and instructors with the “Spring of Trial” stage which takes place every year in Spain.

For more information www.speatrialclub.com


SPEA is a sponsor of the
Trial World Champion, Toni Bou


SPEA is sponsor of the Italian Gas Gas Trial Team


SPEA is a sponsor of the RFME Spanish Trial Championship
(Real Federación Motociclista Española).


For more information www.rfme.com

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