Led Light Automatic Test Equipment

Automatic LED Light Test Equipment

Complete detection of any LED Light defects

SPEA Automatic LED Light Tester

The T100L Automatic LED Light Test Equipment is designed to identify the presence of any defects of electronic components for LED light applications, addressing any high-volume production testing challenges without needing expensive test fixtures with fiber optics

Test all standard LED Light characteristics around the manufacturing cycle time

The T100L Automatic LED Light Test Equipment provides exceptional performance for LED light testing, eliminating any manual functional tests and meeting manufacturing cycle time. The integrated flying scanner technology acquires and processes intensity and color parameters of each LED light pixel in parallel, resulting in multiple LED characteristics on a single acquisition.

Light Intensity

Light Intensity (100% full scale)

Light Intesity Candle

Light Intensity (Candle)

Luminous Flux

Luminous Flux (Lumens)


(% value)

XY Coordinates

XY Coordinates
(CIE 1931)



Color Temperature

Color Temperature

Chromatic Rendering Index

LED Binning

LED Binning Test



Dominant Wavelenght

Dominant Wavelenght

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Why choose T100L Automatic LED Light Test Equipment

The variability in light intensity and color temperature in LED light, together with the sub-assembly functional test process and the verification of the mechanical positioning of each LED die, is one area where process automation provides a significant return on investment.

Based on well-established testing technology that ensures stable performances and makes the investment safe, the T100L LED Light Automatic Test Equipment is the latest tester of the T100 Flying Head Series.

Maximum Adaptability Low-Cost

Maximum Adaptability and Low Cost of Manufacturing


Designed to test multiple types of LED light products, the T100L fiberless fixture ensures full adaptability and low cost of manufacturing.

Complete Testing

Complete Testing for Any LED Light Technologies


The 448-band wide spectral range flying scanner, with a pixel resolution of 130×130 µm, tests the most advanced LED light and Multi-LED technologies covering a wide array of products.

Ultimate Flexibility

Ultimate Flexibility for Any LED Light Applications


The number of bands can be set depending on the spectrum of the LED light to acquire and, the wide range of filters finetune the luminous intensity meeting different applications’ scenarios. 

Easy and Repeatable

Easy and Repeatable Test Measurements


Giotto‘s innovative software features self-programming capabilities and can generate a production-ready test program from input information (CAD, Datasheet,…) providing easy operations. The extensive library of pre-configured tests ensures ease of use for inexperienced users.

Effective Combination with Automatic Loaders for Faster Time to Market


Built to eliminate downtimes, T100L can work in conjunction with production lines or in stand-alone test cell with automatic magazine loaders and unloaders, eliminating manual handling and ensuring 24/7 operations.

Automatic LED Light Tester - Software - Giotto - SPEA

Reduced Bottlenecks with Process Integration


The operating system and on-board smart sensors ensure complete data management, machine control, self-calibration, and adjustment of measurement parameters for enhanced efficiency.

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Gain a higher level of product quality with additional testing techniques


Running additional tests on electronic components along the LED light functional chain ensures that defective products can be filtered out.
SPEA Automatic Test Equipment offers the most complete test coverage without adding complexity to the production environment. 

Functional Test


Functional Test

Test to verify the board’s functional performance

Power On Test


Power On Test

Test of the components parameter according to a datasheet of the component inside the board




Component programming performed directly on the assembled board, during, before or after the test execution

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T100L main technical characteristics
Flying Scanner No.1 Top | 2 Top
Scan Beam Width [mm]1 Flying Scanner: 1x beam 120 or 1x beam 240
2 Flying Scanners: 2x beam 120 or 2x beam 240
Scanner Resolution [µm]130 x 130
Max Scanning Speed [mm/s]200
Visible LightYes
Near Infrared LightYes
Spectral Range [nm]400 - 1.000
Spectral Bands No.448
Test Area [mm]600 x 600
Loading ModeConveyor
Vision Camera [Mpx]5

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