SPEA Test Application Service

Choosing an Automatic Test Equipment means also selecting a company that quickly and efficiently meets the customer’s requirements.

SPEA Test Application Service offers specialized advice about test strategy plans, design for testability, test applications design and manufacturing (test programs and fixturing), and training. SPEA test engineers collaborate with the ATE designers to constantly update their testing know-how.


SPEA Test Application Service puts its test engineering experience at our customers’ disposal, to provide fast, precise and economic solutions that meet the test needs of electronic production.

  • SPEA allows test engineers specialized in applications to directly cooperate with ATE designers;
  • The possibility to use several SPEA ATE systems simultaneously – all the models manufactured by SPEA – to develop and debug the test programs allows SPEA to quickly deliver debugged test programs, that are ready to use in production;
  • The in-house engineering shop allows SPEA to autonomously manufacture all test equipment, guaranteeing quick delivery;
  • SPEA Academy trains SPEA test engineers and SPEA equipment users, through customized courses based on the experience in using the systems.

Test Engineers
at your disposal


per year

100% production,
0% debug.

Sometimes, test houses generate test programs at their sites, and then debug them on the customer’s test equipment, using testers assigned to the production. This makes their customers’ testers not usable in production for a time that depends on the complexity of the product to be tested – from a few days to a few weeks.


SPEA Test Application Service has several test systems at its disposal: the test program is developed and debugged inside SPEA, using a tester configured like the customer’s. Immediately after the test program installation, production can start, without interruption and with great advantages for productivity.

Micro-mechanics, not only electronics


SPEA Test Application Service has an in-house engineering shop, that allows SPEA to autonomously design and manufacture all test equipment. In addition to the basic machines, like lathes and cutters, it also has numeric controlled automatic drillers. With these instruments, SPEA can customize the equipment with mechanical or pneumatic fabrications, such as:

  • Dual side contact (top and bottom) of the board
  • Fulfillment buttons
  • Board marking
  • Test of connector presence and position
  • Test of LEDs colors
  • Videocameras to test displays
The services at customer’s disposal


  • Test program and fixture development for bed of nails testers
  • Test program development for flying probe testers
  • Test program and fixture development for functional and customized tests
  • Bed-of-nails fixture manufacturing
  • Design for Testability
  • Test Coverage Analysis
  • Counseling on test methods and strategies
  • SPEA Academy
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