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Operating system software for SPEA semiconductor testers

SPEA ATOS C2 - Operating system - SPEA

SPEA semiconductor testers’ performances are complemented by the powerful ATOS C2 operating system. ATOS C2 is designed to make you save time and money, along the whole path: Transparent multi-site management, visual debugging tools, automatic code generation, shorten by 40% the time necessary to develop, debug and release a new test program, practically eliminating your time-to-volume.

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Designed around your needs, from test design to production


  • -40% time for test development and characterization
  • Device-centric, guided development
  • Transparent multi-site management
  • Dynamic and customizable workspaces
  • Parallel Multi-Release software
  • Unlimited users under one license
  • Easy team test development

Guided test development

The entire software environment, and every single tool, are designed around the developer’s needs across all phases of a test application project. You will find all the tools you need exactly when you need them: a single environment brings you through the test application development sequence, dynamically displaying different features according to the operations you are going to do

Customized add-ons

To even better integrate with your culture, workflow, how to practice, existing ERP environment, ATOS C2 is open to incorporate customized add-ons. Tester functions and software tools can be customized, and new functionalities can be developed and made available in the main software environment, exactly like the built-in standard apps. This set of custom-fit apps can be extended and modified through time, independently from software release updates, which will be totally transparent.

Single software environment

All the activities related to test program development (from the specification design to the development, to debug and characterization) are implemented in the same software environment. Developers do not need to change tools, jumping between floating windows, for the different phases of the development process.

Dynamic, customizable work spaces

The set of apps that are visualized in the software menus changes dynamically according to the different activities. Different workspaces can be created, customized by adding or removing apps, and saved.

SPEA ATOS C2 - Operating system - Sowfware - SPEA

10 time savers


To cut the test development time by 40% with:

  • Automatic imports
  • First Time Right, with Testability Analysis
  • Transparent Multi-Site Management
  • Device-Centric Perspective
  • Template Programming
  • Direct, Codeless Correlation and Characterization
  • Visual Tools
  • Smart Data Analysis for Data-Assisted Debug
  • On-the-fly analysis and changes + off-line fine tuning
  • Multi-Element Management

Industry 4.0: Test for the Smart Factory


Powerful analysis tools provide on-tester capture and real-time statistical analysis of the performance parameters for all the systems installed in production. These tools automatically detect, identify and register the systems, then constantly monitor the performance parameters providing complete failure analysis, trend identifications, predictive and prescriptive maintenance indications. All the panels are customizable, and each indicator can be set for one or more alarm thresholds. The system is also ready to be integrated with your factory MES, supporting the main industry standards (including STDF, SECS/GEM, TEMS)

SPEA ATOS C2 - Operating system - Software interface - SPEA

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