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Technical training or digital learning?

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We are ready to welcome you to SPEA Academy, our comprehensive training platform for onsite and online technical courses on every topic related to testing with SPEA systems. From programming to debug of many different test techniques, from equipment calibration and use to its maintenance through time, our experienced professionals are there to provide the best possible know-how and support, in order to guarantee the success of your test strategies.

Our customer training service includes both digital and in-class activities, either in SPEA or at the customer site, in modules scaled for beginners and for advanced users. Basic theory is followed by practical examples and exercises, the heart of our training programme. The activities can be based on our digital platform, dedicated to registered SPEA customers, and a physical training kit can be delivered to those who are eager to discover everything about test.

Among the main benefits of training with SPEA experts:


  • Ready for the future of testing: discover more about different test techniques and learn new ones, in order to apply them to emerging technologies and to get the most out of your SPEA equipment.
  • Unparalleled experience with test equipment: since 1976 we design and manufacture the best ATE for semiconductor ICs, MEMS, electronic boards and modules, and we have a long track record in customer training and technical support.
  • High-quality technical training: the courses are held by senior professionals with deep expertise in testing, who are able to provide many practical examples.
  • Valuable insights on specific testing needs: we have over 40 years of experience in the development of test projects and custom integrations.
  • Maximum accessibility: our virtual training can help you to further develop your skills even when you are working remotely, accessing the course materials in just a few clicks.

Onsite & Online Training

Classroom Training

Our in-class training activities can take place at our offices or at those of our customers, according to a flexible organization and always in full compliance with safety standards.

  • Tailor-made courses: the training activities can be adapted to customer needs both in terms of content and duration, as well as in the location choice, to meet all requirements and wishes.
  • Hands-on approach: when it comes down to learning technical skills or overcoming project challenges, first-hand experience is often the preferred method.
  • Group interaction: the Classroom Training participants are able to interact with each other, possibly learning from one another as well as from the trainer, and to actively share their know-how in real time.

Virtual Classroom Training

Virtual classrooms are online training opportunities that allow SPEA experts and customers to connect from their working places, taking up technical courses even when at distance and saving on both time and cost.

  • Remote connection to the systems: SPEA experts are able to operate the customers’ test equipment remotely, supporting the virtual training with real-time practical demonstrations.
  • High convenience: you can participate from anywhere in the world, without any travel cost. Especially valuable when your company operates from multiple locations, as colleagues from different plants and facilities can be present simultaneously with minimal effort.
  • Easy to access: connect through your device of choice and easily interact with the SPEA experts for any specific need.


Our webinars are online seminars that are able to engage audiences from anywhere with useful insights on test technologies and system demonstrations, also on demand.

  • Practical demonstrations on SPEA testers: the digital events focus on the systems, both in illustrating methods and advantages of test techniques that can be performed on installed machinery and in presenting the most recent SPEA inventions.
  • Based on know-how: our highly-qualified experts have over 40 years of industry experience and are able to provide you with the tools and approaches that will ensure the success of your test strategies, present and future.
  • Ideal to keep up to date: our webinars are centered on the most significant test technologies and techniques currently available or soon to be introduced, in order to stay updated with the latest industry trends.


Practical, relevant, clear training materials. A wide variety of interactive courses, with video-tutorials and reference documentation, readily available at your fingertips.

  • Quick access: the SPEA Academy portal is always available and can be accessed right away, in a few clicks, from your device of choice.
  • High flexibility: as the courses consist of multimedia content, the users are able to learn at their own pace and to freely consult the materials when they need them.
  • New content on demand: the training materials accessible through the portal can be integrated to answer specific needs.

SPEA Academy

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