Proud to return part of our success to the region


We live and work in an area with a very high industrial vocation that leads the world with its inventions and technology. We feel it is right and we are proud to be able to give part of our success back to our territory, by creating and sponsoring initiatives that involve young and very young people, so that they can get to know us and imagine a future for themselves, also in the world of high technology.

We pay attention to young people: they are our future

We are motivated by a real interest in being useful to young people, from when they are small and have that wonderful sense of curiosity and that desire to learn about their surroundings. We like to tell young people about a world that they might not otherwise know, one in which we would love them to play a leading role in the future.

We broaden young people’s horizons


We want to help young people appreciate art, nature and sustainability; to develop a broad outlook and think independently so that they are then able to make a more focused and informed choice about their future. This will be so much easier the more open they are to new things and to everything they do not yet know, especially technology.


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We like to talk about opportunities


Because opportunity is a beautiful word, which gains strength when it is reciprocal. High-tech companies are constantly in need of young people to employ in a variety of cutting-edge disciplines, and by visiting this wonderful exhibition, many young visitors and their families will also have the opportunity to get to know a company able to offer them real, reliable proposals for attractive jobs tomorrow.

SPEA and the Royal Museums of Turin: technology meets art

SPEA represents the highest standard of excellence in technology and innovation, offering products and services that are one of a kind. The Royal Museums are also unique, in terms of their heritage, their size and the vastness of their collections.

These two realities now come face to face in an exhibition that is itself a true innovation in the cultural offerings of major Italian museums (both for the museum and for the visiting public). The decision to invest in an exhibition dedicated to the younger generations is a gamble for the future of the museums. At the same time, it also presents the best opportunity for a large industrial company such as SPEA to cultivate (enrich) its image, which is related to both art and technology.

The first meeting between SPEA and the Royal Museums evokes an ancient tradition, which has united the technological space and the rooms of the ancient Savoy court for centuries.

In fact, the Savoy family’s vocation for war and architectural techniques has always brought the best workers and skills to the area. Today these are expressed in other technological fields, of which SPEA is the proud spokesman and leader.

SPEA’s industrial mission is mainly expressed in the creation of great economic and technological value; the Royal Museums, on the other hand, have as their main mission the creation of social and cultural value based on accessibility, inclusion and enhancement of heritage. The virtuous union of these values is capable of generating widespread and complete well-being for all those to whom it is made available.

Why have we chosen to support an exhibition?


The Royal Museums are a unique wonder of the world; this embrace between art and technology will spread a message of beauty and confidence for the future of young people.

Piedmont is rich in history, art, and beautiful buildings, such as the one hosting this exhibition, not to mention high-tech industries that lead the field globally. We are proud to introduce you to one!


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