At SPEA we are used to conceiving, creating and developing innovation. We are known worldwide as a leading company in the world of cutting-edge technologies. With us you will take a journey into the future, working closely with major players on the world stage. You will travel, learn and grow, across multiple experiences and professional skills.

Do your dreams need some testing?


SPEA machines test the electronics of today and tomorrow. From telecommunications, to electric vehicles, satellites and defense, not to mention pacemakers and life-saving devices: SPEA testers work to enhance the quality and progress of human life.

If you dream of a future-oriented company, you don’t need to test it. You are in the right place.

More than a multinational: SPEA, a multicultural universe


One company, the world. You will work side by side with the big guns of international technology: our equipment is installed at electronics production sites in more than eighty-five countries. You can work at one of our 14 locations in Italy, Germany, the United States, Mexico, China, Korea, Singapore. A young, heterogeneous and inclusive environment. In every part of the planet.

Imagine, create, design.

SPEA grows, beyond its skills


You will be part of multidisciplinary teams with different skills; you will work with electronic, computer, mechanical, mechatronic and biomedical designers. And in addition to our continuous training programs, you will always be able to count on the active cooperation and support of those who already have extensive experience.

You are the innovation we are looking for


Our projects are conceived and developed in a positive and dynamic environment. You will never stop at the skill profile for which you have been selected. Joining us as a test engineer, for example, could open the door to a wider range of careers. At SPEA, we plan for the future, including yours. Therefore, you will be able to express your qualities and build the career path that best suits who you wish to become.

“SPEA is a talent factory: I have always thought of the electronics engineer as a creative technician. Combining my passion with the testing of a microchip, I find it a fascinating job.”


Giulia Giordano, Semiconductor Test Engineer

“At SPEA I feel like I have known the people I work with every day all my life. Lots of daily challenges and above all carte blanche for proposals and suggestions: SPEA is a dynamic company where you are free to express yourself.”


Barbara Penna, Electronic Test Products R&D Image Processing Engineer

“I do a job that makes me wake up in the morning feeling happy and motivated. As Test Engineer, my job is to adapt the machine to the specific requirements of the device to be tested, and then deliver it and put it into operation at the customer’s site.”


Marco Conserva, Semiconductor Test Engineer

Express your ingenuity.
Join SPEA team.

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