Turin (Italy)

September 07, 2023

Vehicle lighting and safety systems should never break: GROTE Industries selected SPEA for product testing



GROTE Industries, entering its 121st year of operation, is a leader in smart visibility systems for the heavy-duty, that provides high quality lighting, electrical, wiring, truck accessories, for heavy duty trucks.

The company focuses on creating and leading safety related innovation, helping to make the world more secure and smarter through connected visibility.

“We see a bright future. With a growing volume and many new products to be launched, it was immediately clear the need to look at our manufacturing and test process. Our latest products are technologically advanced and more complex, and so the test requirements are getting challenging and time consuming” said Mr Luigi Tavernese Senior Director at Grote Industries.

“Since the introduction of the SPEA Flying Probe tester, years ago,  in our manufacturing process, we have had the chance to appreciate the value of SPEA’s products and engineering competencies. Always there to support when needed. We decided to engage them in this new challenge, and the 3030IL immediately appeared to be the perfect match for its impressive capabilities. ” he added.

“Winning a new business is intriguing, but having an existing customer to count on us for its future projects and strengthening the cooperation with SPEA it’s amazing” comments Giovanni Noto, VP Strategic Project at SPEA. 

“Grote Industries in 2022 initiated a comprehensive evaluation of the test systems that would fulfill their long-term need and selected the 3030IL Bed of Nails ICT for its advanced technology. This tester is capable of delivering impressive test coverage and unparalleled high throughput. A unique platform to perform Deep-ICT parametric test, Functional test and device flashing all in one. An equipment where test coverage and high speed test are perfectly mixed.”

SPEA 3030IL High volumes, High Quality ICT is a fully automatic bed of nails tester expressly designed to minimize the cost of test, providing unparalleled throughput. It can be quickly integrated into SMEMA production lines, or used with standard automatic board loaders/unloaders. Modular and fully upgradable, it can be configured with single or multi core architecture for the most effective test process. 

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