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March 11, 2024

SPEA exhibits at Semicon China 2024

SPEA at Semicon China 2024

SPEA, the global leader in Automatic Test Equipment, is delighted to announce its participation at Semicon China 2024, the leading industry trade show in China, which will be held in Shanghai from March 20-22, 2024.

As an exhibitor, SPEA will showcase its latest full-range testing innovations for both semiconductors and electronics technologies, offering visitors a unique opportunity to experience the most advanced products in the industry up close.

Located at booth #3467 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, SPEA invites visitors to explore the performance and functionalities of their newest testing equipment.


DOT800C – a single platform for the whole range of power application


SPEA’s innovative DOT800T offers a comprehensive solution for power testing. This versatile machine combines all the necessary resources to conduct ISO, AC, and DC tests on a wide range of power applications within a single platform.

The DOT800T is specifically designed to address the testing needs of both traditional Silicon Devices and emerging Gallium Nitride and Silicon Carbide technologies. It boasts industry-leading capabilities, including high voltage and current source capacities, along with exceptional high-frequency and low-current measurement precision.

The tester’s multi-core architecture enables the DOT800T to perform accurate static, dynamic, and isolation tests on dedicated stations, each equipped with an independent controller. Multiple test programs run concurrently in asynchronous mode, maximizing efficiency as each core manages its own test resources, instrument connections, and program execution.


DOT800T – Two testers in one, 100% test efficiency


The remarkable DOT800C merges the capabilities of two testers into a single, space-saving test-head-only system. Its innovative device-oriented instrumentation integrates all the resources needed for analog, digital, and signal processing into a single powerful and configurable board. This translates to superior test performance with a multi-site efficiency exceeding 99.5% for a diverse range of devices.

The multi-processor, multi-function channel instrument seamlessly combines analog, digital, and signal processing capabilities. It incorporates multiple control CPUs, DSP modules, and programmable logic units. The modular and configurable design allows for an on-board controller and up to four channel cards to be selected, creating the perfect performance mix to meet individual testing requirements. This configuration supports up to a staggering 256 channels within a single instrument slot.

Each individual channel card features a dedicated matrix card, streamlining load board design and minimizing the number of required relays. Instead of utilizing numerous instruments with specific functions, the tester can be populated with identical, replicated instruments to achieve the desired multisite performance. This architecture simplifies system composition, programming, and maintenance while effectively addressing all device testing needs.


MEMS Test Unit – Expanding MEMS Test Capabilities


SPEA, renowned for its industry-leading MEMS device test cells, introduces a single-machine solution for handling, contacting, applying physical stimulus, and comprehensively testing and calibrating MEMS and sensor devices under ambient or temperature-controlled conditions.

The handler platform allows for the integration of multiple stimuli within a single test unit, enabling the testing of combo MEMS devices such as environmental sensors (pressure, humidity, gas, temperature) and navigation sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, compass). The system boasts an impressive throughput exceeding 33,000 units per hour, with the capacity to test up to 396 devices simultaneously.

The flexible and modular design facilitates convenient on-site reconfiguration of the testing area, allowing for the replacement of MEMS stimulus units and test modules. This ensures the adaptability of the same machine to test various device families and package technologies, from standard packages to cutting-edge chip-scale devices.


4080 – The Fastest Flying Probe Tester in the World


SPEA flying probe tester 4080 features eight flying heads moved by state-of-the-art linear motors, optical linear encoders and natural granite chassis.

Able to reach unparalleled throughput without affecting the precision, it is suitable for mass production testing as well as NPI and characterization processes.  

Thank to its multi-domain technology, the 4080 guarantees 100% coverage on the latest-generation ofelectronic boards despite the growing density and miniaturization of the components mounted over them.


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