Two testers in one,
100% test efficiency

5,000+ channels in a zero-footprint system.

Semiconductor test - Analog Mixed Signal Tester - DOT800 SPEA

DOT800 combines the capabilities of two testers into a single, test-head-only system, giving a true zero-footprint solution. Its innovative device-oriented instrumentation incorporates all the resources for analog, digital and signal processing in a single, powerful, configurable board. Superior test performance comes with a multi-site efficiency >99.5% for a broad range of devices.



Power Management

MEMS & Sensors

Consumer & Mobility

Digital & Mixed Signals



Power & Discretes




IoT, RF & Wireless

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Multi-Core architecture


DOT800 is composed of two independent system cores, in less than 0,3 cubic meters. Each core is equipped with a dedicated CPU, to execute a test program in fully asynchronous mode, thus guaranteeing full parallel test efficiency.

This architecture offers great advantages both in terms of time to market and test speed:


Speed up your test program development: two engineers can develop test programs simultaneously on the same system.


Two different applications can be tested simultaneously by one tester, in completely asynchronous mode.


The system can run two different test programs simultaneously, in asynchronous mode, on two different IPs of the same device.

Your tester, in a board


DOT800 instrument architecture incorporates all the resources for analog, digital and signal processing in a single, powerful board for multi-site testing, including multiple control CPUs, DSP modules and programmable logic units. This configurable tester-in-a-board module allows you to populate DOT800 with one-type instruments, greatly simplifying system composition, programming and maintenance, while satisfying at best all the device test requirements – and go even beyond.


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Semiconductor Test - Mixed Signal Tester - Instrumentation SPEA

5G device Testing

DOT800 can perform a complete functional test on 5G devices in low band, mid band and high band frequencies, up to 81 GHz.

An innovative test-on-board technology, integrating RF test resources directly on the tester load board, delivers low cost of test and high test coverage, allowing you to fully test your mmWave devices with no need for a dedicated RF tester.


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Direct Docking


With DOT800, a probe card is the only interface needed to connect the tester to the device under test: there is no need for separate load board or pogo tower elements. This reduces hardware costs and development time, while ensuring better signal integrity also at wafer probe, since the number of elements between the tester pin electronics and the device is greatly reduced.
DOT800 integration with the major prober models on the market has been implemented: automatic probe card loading and latching enhance the overall test cell efficiency, with best planarity control, automatic correct latching verification, and full safety. The docking to wafer probers is possible on the left side or back side, using the same docking adapter, which further simplifies the hardware, giving best setup flexibility.

Pc-performance independence

Zero-Impact Windows® OS upgrade or PC replacement.

To always guarantee the best efficiency, DOT800 performances are completely independent from the PC used as system controller, and from the installed software version.

The timing for the instrument programming is generated in parallel by multiple, high-frequency SPEA CPUs, while test programs do not need any requalification at Windows® upgrade or PC replacement.

No need for test program requalification at software update.

DOT800 operating software allows you to have many different software versions installed simultaneously, including patches. When you launch a test program, the tester automatically identifies the software version used to generate the program, running the test program with the correct version. This will allow you to be always up-to-date with the latest and most performing software version, without worrying about your existing test programs.

Your Tester 4.0


Towards a maintenance-free system: DOT800 collects, analyses and notifies any deviation from standard performances, in order to take the required actions and avoid process degradations and downtime.


Prescriptive maintenance

During lot change or wafer change operations, DOT800 autonomously verifies the instrument calibration data, with no need to remove or replace the production load board. These data are saved and analyzed, then the tester is able to send alarm notifications when performance is out of specs, and automatically launch the instrument calibration procedure.


Predictive maintenance

All the instruments have an on-board memory used to evaluate their mechanical wear. The instruments count the number of relay commutations, giving the indication of preventive maintenance necessity. This allows you to schedule maintenance operations, avoiding unexpected downtime.


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Powerful instruments

for outstanding performance

LPE series

Your tester in a board


LPE is a multi-processor, multi-function channel instrument, based on a revolutionary modular architecture which combines analog, digital and signal processing capabilities. All the resources required to test one – or multiple – devices are housed on a single board: this will allow you to greatly simplify the load board connections between tester channels and device. This tester-in-a-board instrument is composed by an on-board controller, four matrix cards and up to four different channel cards that can be selected to build the perfect performance mix to satisfy your test requirements, for a total of up to 256 channels in a single instrument slot. Nothing more, nothing less than what you need to test your products.


Low Power V/I Source

DYLPS200 is a high-accuracy 32-channel (64 outputs: 32chs muxed 1:2) V/I Low Power Source & V/I Rbk Digitizer. Each channel can reach up to 160V and 9.6A.


Medium Power V/I Source

HPE 100 is a 16-channel floating, stackable and gangable instrument, including driver with readback and high-accuracy digitizer, for 4Q medium-power signals up to ±100V, 16A.


High Power V/I Source

HPES 100 is an 8-channel floating instrument, including driver with readback and high-accuracy digitizer, for 4Q medium-power signals up to ±400V, 2A.


Small Value Measurement Module

SVM TRIM is an all-in-one unit with 256 channels, performing very low current (pA), capacitance (fF) and voltage (µV) measurements.


High power generators can force and measure voltages up to 20KV (measuring leakage current) and provide currents up to 4kA pulsed.

TOB 5G - mmWave Test Module - Vayyar - SPEA


mmWave test module

5G RF option allows DOT800 to accurately test RF devices with up to 81GHz band, without needing dedicated RF testers. Test-On-Board module is integrated directly on the tester load board.

Easy and intuitive software. Designed around Test Engineer’s needs


DOT800 performances are complemented by the powerful ATOS C2 operating software, setting new standards for the test development process, for the use of the system in production and for maintenance operation management.


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