High performances at a breakthrough price

4020 Automatic Flying Probe Tester

Key Features


  • Best measurement accuracy
  • Accurate Micro-SMD contacting
  • No cost of fixturing
  • Intuitive programming
  • Zero errors at functional test
  • Field returns are practically eliminated


Accurate micro-SMD probing

SPEA Automatic Flying Probe Tester

Miniaturization won’t stop and SPEA’s Flying Probe systems are ready for the future.

  • Top-performance linear optical encoders on XYZ axis
  • Micro-SMD (008004) pad accurate contacting
  • Reliable test of flexible/thin printed circuits, Sticky Boards
  • Positioning measurement stability over long time
  • Ultra-Fast Soft-Touch technology: no touch damage, no stress on PCB and Micro-SMD

Best Measurement Accuracy

SPEA Automatic Flying Probe Tester
  • Highest measurement performance & accuracy (0.1pF)
  • Signal integrity
  • No measurement degradation or interference
  • Immediate signal acquisition (within hundreds of microseconds)

Fast Probe Speed

  • Top-performance linear motors on XYZ axis
  • Highest speed of movement
  • Maintenance-free: no tear and wear can affect accuracy
  • Mechanical stability over time

Multi-Mode Probing


4020 S2 can combine the 4 high-speed top flying heads with additional tools to contact the bottom side of the board, increasing throughput and test capabilities.

Each flying probe can be used for in-circuit test, power-on test, sink/source analog, digital D/S, flashing via on-board programming, boundary scan, prescaler.

While using the 4 top probes to perform flying probe test from the top side, a bottom lifted platform can be used for bed-of-nails fixtures, multiple high-current power supplies, digital I/O, high-speed signals, fixed probes, planarity supports.

Leonardo OS2

Easy. Fast. Self-programming.


  • Automatic test program generation in minutes
  • Automatic test program generation with or without CAD file
  • – 50% test program generation time with new S2 System Control
  • Faster & fully automatic Debug & Tuning
  • Automatic board repair software
  • Automatic Pick & Place X-Y file import
  • Built-in Self-Test (BIST) compliant
  • User-friendly intuitive graphical interface
  • Control software to monitor, analyze & optimize the production process
Test Capabilities

In-Circuit Test

100% Short Circuit Test

Nodal Impedance Test

Open Pin Scan

Power On Test

Functional Test

Optical Test

Led Light Test

3D Laser Test


Boundary Scan

Thermal test light blue background

Thermal Test

Waveform Capture


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Technical Data
ApplicationNPI Prototype
ThroughputMedium throughput
ChassisStructural steel
UUT probingSingle Side
Multi-Probe Flying Heads4 top
Max. Board Size (L x W)Manual: 500 x 400mm (19.7 x 15.7’’)
In-Line: 1000 x 400mm (39.4 x 15.7’’)*
Footprint (LxW)1360 x 1220mm (1.7m2)
* For larger boards, please contact SPEA.
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