The pursuit of Quality in all aspects of production, from initial studies to implementation and product delivery, is one of the strengths of SPEA’s Quality System, which is UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

The Company guarantees the constant compliance with high quality standards, through a solid project management, the accurate selection and control of suppliers and production processes, the execution of tests and controls, in order to reach, with a defined and accessible quality, the highest customer satisfaction levels.

SPEA Quality Policy
1. Maximum customer satisfaction

Our commitment will be turned on ensuring maximum customer satisfaction, supplying products and services that, respecting specific and applicable requirements, satisfy their needs and exceed their expectation.


2. Continuous improvement of products and services

We will improve our products and services, if possible by anticipating legal requirements, in order to anticipate also our competitors. We will do that from design process, keeping into consideration our products life cycle per-spective; starting from raw materials that we will introduce, passing through constructive processes that will be employed and influencing their lifecycle at customer’s site till the product end-of-life.


3. Compliance with legal requirements

We will operate under our direct or indirect responsibility, in accordance with the compliance obligations SPEA took responsibility considering its citizenship duties (in Italy, European Union and worldwide) or the commitments took by our representations in institutional seats.


4. Process approach

Process-driven approach will be kept in order to develop and improve Quality Management System effective-ness, together with application of Risk-based thinking concept, that will allow to undertake actions needed to face up risks or develop opportunities.


5. Information and training

A constant activity of information and training will involve the whole staff, in order to improve competence and awareness of their own contribution to the quality of products and services, as well as effectiveness of Quality Management System.


6. Partnership

Concrete and lasting partnership with our Suppliers ensures reliable relationship marked by mutual objectives. In this context, we will work and cooperate with our suppliers in order to be always ready to answer and, if possible to anticipate, our customers’ requirements. This, in order to assure high-technology, safe and reliable products and services.


7. Cooperation with the territory

We will organize meetings and guided tours aimed primarily at students of the different school cycles in order to promote the awareness of the company and its activities to the public, aiming to a positive cooperation with the stakeholders.


8. Reliability and competitiveness

We will commit ourselves completely in order to supply our customers with reliable and quality products and ser-vices at competitive prices due to cost analysis and reduction.

Continuous Improvement


From research to product development, from manufacturing to marketing, until the final sale. Every company activity is part of the continuous improvement of SPEA’s product quality and process efficiency.

Quality Assurance Team


Our QA Team is integrated in the company work teams at every level. The monitoring of process steps and products, the analysis of indicators and the implementation of required corrective actions are the tools with which the SPEA QA Team works to anticipate customer demands and deal efficiently with every possible need.

Total Quality Management


SPEA’s Quality System involves every stakeholder: top management, employees, supply chain, and end customers. The analysis of the processes at every level leads SPEA to reach the highest quality standards and the latest market requirements.

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