January 13, 2023

SPEA at IPC APEX Expo 2023: launching the visionary T100L

SPEA gives notice of the launch of the new Flying Scanner LED Light Tester in sight of the imminent participation in the IPC APEX Expo 2023 in San Diego. The automated testing of LED panels, lighting products, and electronic circuits performed by SPEA allows to accurately and quickly measure the characteristics of light sources, and identify the presence of any defect.


At the largest annual gathering of electronics manufacturing professionals in North America, SPEA will exhibit its top-of-the-range equipment, fully conceived to support electronics manufacturers in eliminating the risk of field failures and saving on the cost of testing.


The world-leading manufacturer for Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) will be honored to welcome its valued customers and curious visitors at booth #2247 to demonstrate the quality and reliability of SPEA’s Ingegno Italico.



T100L – The new-in Flying Scanner Tester offering pixel-by-pixel measurement of the most advanced LED device technologies


The SPEA’s T100L tester sets a new milestone in testing LED lighting products. The T100L is a fully automatic Flying Scanner LED Light Tester that helps manufacturers ensure the highest quality of their lighting devices in high-volume production.

Typically, the testing of LED products is done manually by an operator. The variability in light intensity and color temperature in LEDs, together with the sub-assembly functional test process, is one area where process automation can provide a significant return on investment.

The T100L is ready to test any LED products without needing expensive test fixtures with fiber optics.


The SPEA’s brand-new tester ensures operator-less, consistent, and repeatable test capabilities and offers the highest measurement accuracy at the fastest speed. Thanks to its unique Flying Light Scanner, the system can acquire a light image of the device surface by scanning all the LEDs in parallel, regardless of the number, at a rate of 200 mm/s

All the tests run in real-time, which means that the tester can process and analyze the light characteristics of each LED simultaneously while scanning the device.

The T100L is designed to grant maximum reliability for 24/7 high-volume production lines and comes with a conveyor for handling the device automatically in and out of the test area.

The T100L features human-less and connected operativity in compliance with I4.0 and IoT standards. It offers several Automatic Loading Modes, system monitoring smart sensors and advanced tools for diagnostic and predictive maintenance.



4080 – The best solution for electronic board testing, with unbeatable throughput and fault coverage


The 4080 is conceived for the most demanding electronics manufacturers to cut the cost-of-test. It provides the highest throughput for flying probe testing as it can test 800,000+ boards per year. The double-sided high-speed moving axes, micro-probing accuracy, multidisciplinary test capability, and flexible scalability allow electronics manufacturers to ensure zero-failure escape in a wide range of applications at the highest throughput.


The 4080 is an automatic Flying Probe Tester that can mount 28 different flying tools, chosen among over 50 ones. The combination of electrical test, optical inspection, thermal test, 3D scan, and many others brings the most comprehensive test coverage. It is suitable to be used for lab certifications, as well as to perform complete, high-throughput production tests also on the most advanced and miniaturized assemblies.


The 4080 offers high productivity for customers who need to deal with high volume productions of electronic boards and devices. Moreover, it overcomes traditional flying probe tester capabilities providing SPEA’s unique Multi-Domain Test Technology for extended test coverage. ICT Plus, Short Circuits Test, All Nets Test, Optical Inspection, Light Test, 3D Test, Thermal Test, and more testing techniques ensure the complete detection of short circuits, components, parameters, circuit anomalies, faulty and counterfeit parts, and other defects of the product.



T300 – The unique In-Circuit Tester capable to test and flash in parallel up to 32 PCBAs


The SPEA’s T300 Board Tester is an unprecedented and unique architecture board test system that embeds multi-tester and multi-core capabilities in one compact, fully automatic test equipment. The T300 features 8 embedded testers, fully independent and configurable for maximum throughput and test parallelism. It supports up to 32 parallel In-Circuit Test Cores and 256 Flashing/Digital Test Cores, plus additional 8 Asynchronous Flashing/Functional Test Cores. Thanks to these unique features, the system can test and flash in parallel up to 32 PCBAs or a large number of sections of a single large board. That means a substantial reduction of testing time and cost.


The system grants maximum reliability for 24/7 high-volume production lines and the embedded motorized receiver guarantees zero mechanical stress/strain on the board when loading and testing.


The T300 ensures full test coverage by providing different test techniques (e.g. ICT, Digital & Analog Functional Tests, Flashing, Power Test, etc.). In particular, SPEA’s unique ICT-Plus test technique can detect any defect in electronics that are not detectable with traditional ICT testing.



Minimum footprint, maximum efficiency guaranteed by SPEA’s Automatic Board Handling Equipment


The Automatic Board Handling Equipment is conceived with a compact-size and modular architecture providing a cost-effective and space-saving product. The equipment is connected to both tester and factory LAN via Ethernet TCP/IP interface. That makes it possible to take full advantage of the benefits of Industry 4.0: machine operations and sensors information can be transmitted to Big Data systems for predictive maintenance.


SPEA Handling equipment is fully controlled by the tester operating system. In addition, its operating mode (e.g. pass-through or pass-back loading) can be set up directly in the Test Program so that no operator intervention is needed whenever a product change occurs in the production line.


SPEA Automatic Board Handling Equipment is compatible with all conveyor loading SPEA Flying Probe and Bed of Nails testers. Combining these products ensures a fully automatic, operatorless test cell from a single-source supplier. That means full compatibility and flawless operativity, as well as strong technical support.



Visit Booth #2247 on January 24-26, 2023 and have a talk with our highly qualified staff about the best SPEA solution for your needs!

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