Turin (Italy)

January 19, 2024

SPEA is title sponsor of the Masters of Dirt Total Freestyle

The Italian round of the world’s famous freestyle show, promises a great spectacle for kids, families and adrenaline enjoyer.

The great freestyle show returns in Turin with the SPEA Masters of dirt, which will land Feb. 24 at the Inalpi Arena (formerly Pala Alpitour) after a tour in 18 countries around the world.
The best two- and four-wheeled freestylers are ready to challenge the limits of physics to create an unforgettable show. More than 30 racers will perform in their specialties: motocross, mountain bike, bmx, snowmobile, quadbikes, rzr buggy and many others that will leave the audience speechless.

Who more than the SPEA people are used to working using their ingenuity and creativity?

Inventing, designing, and building testing machines is a profession that requires not only very advanced hard skills, but also a good dose of freestyling, to solve the large amount of unforeseen events that the work puts in front of you.

As part of the SPEA activities towards social, community and sports, there are many notable projects that are supported. From L84 Futsal, a prestigious sports reality in Italy with over 300 children enrolled in the Academy each year, to projects with trial schools, with the support of the discipline’s world champion Toni Bou.

These are the words of Luciano Bonaria, President of SPEA:

“SPEA Masters of Dirt Total Freestyle is an event of global relevance, an adrenaline-filled spectacle that has toured the world and is now ready to entertain Turin’s families.
Contributing as Title Sponsor for such a significant event to be held in Turin is for SPEA a source of pride and commitment to the territory in which we were born and raised. In SPEA we are constantly inventing and creating new machinery for the production of microchips and microelectronics, which are highly technological and extremely complex, the result of constant creativity, ingenuity and commitment. In this I see an analogy with the talent of the Masters of Dirt freestylers, who are constantly inventing new evolutions and stunts to make the show more and more attractive and entertaining.”

“We are excited to announce the partnership between SPEA and Masters Of Dirt. SPEA, a world leader in advanced electronics, will support one of the most highly awaited motorcycle events in the world of extreme sports.” Cristina and Giorgio Foi, organizers of the event, recount: “Whether you are a motorcycling or electronics enthusiast, this collaboration promises to offer a whole new perspective on the marriage of electronics and the world of two wheels.”

Appointment Saturday, Feb. 24 in Turin at the Inalpi Arena (formerly Pala Alpitour)!

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