Volpiano (Italy)

January 11, 2022

The world’s electronic leading engineering at APEX Expo 2022

Visit Booth 1733 at the San Diego Convention Center in California and have a closer look at the best performing Flying Probe test equipment, the latest SPEA T300 Board Tester, and Automatic Board Handling Equipment.


Volpiano, Italy – January 11rd, 2022 – SPEA, the world’s leading manufacturer for Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), is honored to present its innovative Flying Probe range along with the T300 Board Tester, the very last product launched by SPEA.



SPEA Flying Probe series

The best solution for electronic board testing, with unbeatable throughput and fault coverage


SPEA flying probe series includes different models covering different production needs, from high volumes – over 800.000 boards per year – to low volumes, NPI, and prototypes. Every model can mount several modules and tools to test different products such as electronic boards, flexible circuits, power modules, backplanes, semiconductor test load boards and probe cards, ceramic devices and microelectronics. SPEA automatic Flying Probe Testers stand out for their unsurpassed throughput performance and excellent fault coverage.

  • 4080 – a Multi-Domain Flying Probe Tester that can mount 28 different flying tools, chosen among over 50 ones. The combination of electrical test, optical inspection, thermal test, 3D scan, and many others brings the most comprehensive test coverage. It is suitable to be used for lab certifications, as well as to perform complete, high-throughput production tests also on the most advanced and miniaturized assemblies. Learn more >
  • 4085 – the most performing yet compact automatic flying probe tester on the market. The wide range of 4085 test techniques includes RF test, also for 5G devices, optical test, and 3D laser inspection. 4085 stands out in testing smartphones, wearables, flexible circuits, tablets, laptops, LED strips, sensors, home automation. Learn more >
  • 4050 – conceived for medium to high volume production test, NPI, repair, and reverse engineering of electronic boards, it delivers high productivity, high accuracy, and a bottom multi-jig moving platform to extend the probing capabilities. Learn more > 




32x Ultra-High Parallelism In-Circuit Tester


SPEA T300 Board Tester is an unprecedented and unique board test system that can test and flash in parallel up to 32 PCBAs. The T300 features an Asynchronous Parallel Architecture that supports up to 32 parallel In-Circuit Test cores, with the additional capability of 256 cores for Flashing and Functional Test. T300 includes SPEA’s unique ICT-Plus test techniques that allow the detection of any defects present in electronics that are not detectable with traditional ICT testing.

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SPEA Automatic Board Handling Equipment

Minimum footprint, maximum efficiency


The Automatic Board Handling Equipment is conceived with a compact-size and modular architecture providing a cost-effective and space-saving product. The equipment is connected to both tester and factory LAN via Ethernet TCP/IP interface. That makes it possible to take full advantage of the benefits of Industry 4.0: machine operations and sensors information can be transmitted to Big Data systems for predictive maintenance.

SPEA Handling equipment is fully controlled by the tester operating system. In addition, its operating mode (e.g. pass-through or pass-back loading) can be set up directly in the Test Program so that no operator intervention is needed whenever a product change occurs in the production line.

SPEA Automatic Board Handling Equipment is compatible with all conveyor loading SPEA Flying Probe and Bed of Nails testers. Combining these products ensures a fully automatic, operatorless test cell from a single-source supplier. That means full compatibility and flawless operativity, as well as strong technical support.

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Visit Booth #1733 from Jan. 25th to Jan. 27th, 2022 and have a talk with our highly qualified staff about the best SPEA solutions for your needs!

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