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Power Module Test Cell

Testing + In-line handling + Contacting for IGBT modules

SPEA Power Module Test Cell - SPEA

SPEA Power Module Test Cell combines the test capabilities of the DOT800T with an in-line handler specifically designed for the automatic transportation and contacting of IGBT modules.

  • SMEMA in-line integration
  • Possibility to equip input/output conveyors and buffers
  • Handling of modules with non-standard, irregular shape
  • Handling direction and speed programmable by software
  • Package changeover in less than 10 minutes
  • Products can be contacted from top, bottom, or side
  • ESD protection on structure, fixture and contacting unit

According to the specific requirements and configuration, the test instrumentation can also be embedded into the handler rack unit, to have a zero-footprint test solution.


Single Phase Bridge

Three Phase Bridge

Diode Rectifier

IGBT Module

Power Mosfet


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Handling control


  • Receiver, conveyor, pressure plate settings
  • Automation console
  • Automation I/O monitoring by 20 sensors
  • Recipe selection and editing
  • Production summary and test report

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