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Complete test of energy meters

 Application Field: Energy meters   



SPEA bed-of-nails and flying probe testers have been chosen by worldwide leaders in energy meter electronics market for their high accuracy and high productivity, that drops the test cost and avoids field returns. 

With SPEA testers it is possible to fully and reliably test energy meter electronics, which typically combines a logic board and a power board. All necessary tests to guarantee a complete energy meter test, satisfying the most stringent parameters, are included in a single SPEA equipment.

Not only electrinic parts are fully tested - e.g. executing high voltage test, supercapacitor test, polarity test, relay test - but also mechanical parts such as magnet, LEDs and display.









Full test coverage with multifunction
3030 Bed-of-nails tester

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  Flying Probe testers are ideal for small batches,
delivering the same test program
and test coverage of 3030 Bed-of-nails testers

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