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Probe Card manufacturing test

 Application Field: Load Board & Probe Card   


4060 S2 is used to perform the Probe Card test on each phase of the manufacturing process:

- New product test
- Trouble shooting on field returns
- Test after repair
- Check-up for the remaining life: anticipate the fault
- Reverse engineering on existing probe cards

providing important quality and economic benefits for probe card manufacturers

Large test area (max board size 1500 x 610mm) and conveyors able to transport up to 30kg make it suitable to test and comfortably load heavy big size probe cards.

The Ultra Soft Touch technology delivers programmable impact force and avoids pad marking and beam damaging during test.

Full coverage is provided by completely testing the naked ceramic board - with and without beams - as well as the fully assembled probe card. 













    Large test area, dual side contacting, high positioning accuracy
and full test capabilities make 4060 S2 the ideal choice for Probe Card Test

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