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SPEA lands in Australia: the first system sold in the sunshine state.




Volpiano, Italy, and Brisbane, Queensland  - The Italian technology equipment manufacturer lands in the sunshine state: SPEA installed the first flying prober in Australia on July 2018, precisely in Brisbane at IntelliDesign.


The system marks SPEA’s entry into Australian market.


IntelliDesign is an award-winning market leader in the design and manufacturing of custom electronic devices in Australia. Their devices are used in a wide variety of applications including civil engineering, defence, security, transport, medical, mining and process control.


After a long and thorough market analysis of the major suppliers of flying probe systems, IntelliDesign selected SPEA 4050s2 as the preferred solution.


Deciding factors were higher throughput, incredibly lower cost of test and programming flexibility compared to ICT testers.


“SPEA’s 4050s2 offers flexibility, quick setup times for new assemblies, quick changeover between different assemblies, and easy integration of boundary scan test capability”, affirms Mr. Matt Bromwich, CEO of IntelliDesign. “These features are a good fit with IntelliDesign’s existing production processes, which have been optimized for low-to-medium volume, high-mix assembly. Importantly the 4050s2 will make IntelliDesign more attractive to International companies looking for high quality design and manufacturing.”


SPEA will provide to its Australian customers the best technical, specialized and sales support they really deserve to.

And hopefully the Flying Prober in IntelliDesign will be the first one of many to come.

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