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Power Module Test Cells
AC/DC test and handling of IGBT modules



Market leader in mass production AC/DC test
Testing + in-line handling + contacting
2500V, 1000A power test capabilities
Lowest parasitic inductance on the market
Low cost-of-ownership




SPEA’s Power Module Test Cells are the complete industrial equipment oriented to the production test requirements of IGBT semiconductor power modules for consumer, transportation, energy production, industrial applications.

SPEA’s Power Module Test Cells provide a turnkey solution for the automated handling, contacting and testing of these products, with the capability to force and measure the very high current (up to 1000 A) and voltage (up to 2500 V) values required for a complete, reliable test.












High Power
Test Capabilities



power test instrumentation

- 8 high-current sources: 1000 A pulsed or 20 A
- 8 high-voltage sources: ±2500 V
- insulation guaranteed at test head interface
  (instruments housed in the instrument cabinet)
- high-voltage and high-current generators
  designed by SPEA
- embedded CPUs for safety control and
  fast programming
- clamp alarms, spike detector, automatic
  ramp generators








AD/DC Test on a single equipment




- dual station for AC and DC test

- programmable test sequence, with possibility to perform redundant test (e.g. DC-AC; DC-AC-DC…)

- AC test ranges: 1000V/800A | 600V/1200A | 600V/30A






Lowest parasitic inductance



- parasitic inductance <60nH; over voltage is always lower than breakdown

- connection length is minimized to avoid stray inductance








Test program generation & debug <1day



- fast and guided test program generation

- specific test model libraries for power modules

- possibility to edit the parameters included in the test models, according to specific devide requirements

- recipe selection and editing: test flow can change "on the fly" to answer engineering and production requirements, without need for test program re-editing










Automated in-line handling



- SMEMA in-line integration

- Possibility to equip input/output conveyors and buffers

- handling of every type of modules, with regular/irregular shape

- handling direction and speed are programmable by software







Change the package in less than 10 minutes


Power Module Test Cells are complete of all the units required to interface and contact the devices:

- products can be contacted from the top, bottom, or side

- contacting module is fast to replace: package changeover requires less than 10 minutes










System reliability and safety


High-voltage and high-current modules provide spike detection capabilities and embedded alarms (e.g. Over temp, over current, floating, Kelvin, …).


Grounded panels, circuit breaker protections, fast discharging circuits on power supplies, ensure complete safety for operator, system and DUT, in case of over-voltage, anomalies of V/I forcing, short circuits.